VELFAC Window Installation

From then to now with VELFAC

The first VELFAC windows we installed were at Maerdy Comprehensive School, South Wales back in 1994 when we were a sub-contract carpentry company working for Mowlem South Wales.

Once we had completed the window installation, VELFAC sent a representative to site to look at the work we had done.

We think they liked what they saw as they then asked us to install their windows for them at Yealmpton County Primary School, Plymouth, which we did and the rest is history as they say!

We ceased with our sub-contract carpentry activities almost immediately and have been installing VELFAC windows on a daily basis ever since.

Since 1993, we have installed over 500,000m² of VELFAC windows on over 700 projects. We estimate the value of the windows we have taken responsibility for and successfully installed to be over £125 million.

That’s a lot of windows!

In 1997 VELFAC asked us to install their windows on a project at Charlemont Street, Dublin for Irish Main Contractors McNamara.

Four years later with 80,000m² of VELFAC windows installed on over 40 projects we returned back to the UK market and this is where we’ve been ever since.

We work for all the major construction companies in the UK plus the smaller ones and everyone in between.

We offer a full & comprehensive service backed up with extensive experience & knowledge including:

  1. Detailed quotations
  2. Marked-up VELFAC 1000 series drawings showing where we have allowed for the various elements in our quotations
  3. Comprehensive project specific RAMS
  4. Fully supervised off-loading of window deliveries
  5. Safe site distribution of windows
  6. All necessary fixings, packers & sealants
  7. Window protection externally with a film & low tack tape
  8. Window protection internally with a translucent twin wall polypropylene sheet which is flame retardant to LPS 1207 LPCB regulations
  9. Full time on site supervision
  10. Regular site visits by our Contracts Managers
  11. Management of the co-ordination required between Dantaag, the Main Contractor and VELFAC by our Contracts Managers
  12. Glazing robots
  13. Mini-spider cranes with MRT4 or similar hydraulic lifting equipment
  14. Forklifts for off-loading and distribution with a qualified driver
  15. MEWP’s with a qualified operator for aerial access

We pride ourselves on identifying all the elements of work that naturally fall into the window installation package, quantifying and costing them before going into contract as in our experience the last thing a Main Contractor wants is their Approved Installer coming to them for variations from day two as that can be very time consuming and difficult to explain to the Commercial Director.

If you employ us to install your VELFAC windows, we give you our commitment to complete the identified works to a very high standard, on time and for Contract Sum.